Welcome to the website of COSSNET, the Community Open Software Solutions Network.

COSSNET provides Open Software support services to community groups, business, charities, non-profit organizations, hospitals and clinics, schools and educational institutions. We help people and communities share the benefits of Open Source Software as a way to bridge the digital divide and to usher them into the information age. We promote open source software and standards so people can share information and communicate freely, because information technology is everyone’s right.

14931We are a social entrepreneurship focused on helping organizations get the most from their IT infrastructure and to improve their computer skills. We value long term community networking and customer relationships over profit. We are working to build trust in order to make sure IT just works. Our approach is about working together, using language that makes sense to non-technical people and keeping everyone informed about the possibilities and opportunities available through FOSS and how it can work for the majority.

On this site you will find information about our Network, our products, services and open source software in general. If you cannot find what you are looking for, email or call us.

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